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    Directions for turning your CBD or THC concentrated extract into a sublingual or indigestible oil:

    Notes before starting:

    You can find Plant Potion CBD extract here:
    FORMULA: (Don’t worry, it’s basic math):

    Amount (mL) of extract needed = Batch Size X Amount of CBD per tincture ÷ MG of CBD per mL of concentrate

    Example if you wanted to make a 1oz bottle containing 1000mg CBD total:

    (1 Bottle X 1000 mg CBD in Bottle) ÷ 770mg CBD (approx.) in each 1mL/g syringe

    or another way to think of it:

    1000mg per bottle % 770 mg per ml of concentrate= 1.29 mL of concentrate needed

    Supplies: A Double boiler and a heat supply (stove or burner), a digital scale or something to measure milliliters, a bottle to keep your finished oil in and a small funnel.
    Ingredients needed: CBD concentrate extract and indigestible carrier oil (we use MCT oil, but olive oil or hemp oil or any other indigestible oil would work. MCT oil has a long shelf life.)

    Instructions: We will do this using the example above to make a 1000mg, 1 oz CBD Oil.

    1. Measure your carrier oil: Here is another quick formula to figure out how much you will need:

    FORMULA: (Total volume of your container) – (mL of concentrate needed) = (amount of carrier oil needed)

    Our total volume that will fit in our 1 oz jar is 29mL and the formula above says that we need 1.29mL of concentrate.

    29mL (total volume) – 1.29 mL (concentrate needed) = 22.48 mL (amount of carrier oil needed)

    2. Warm carrier oil to 150-160 degrees in a double boiler.
    3. Warm concentrate using a very warm hot towel, do not microwave. (It is very thick, we find it easy to warm the small towel up in the boiling double boiler water.)
    4. Add the 1.29 mL of the concentrate to the carrier oil, measuring using the hash marks on the concentrate syringe.
    5. Stir until well combined and then remove from heat and allow to cool.
    6. Pour in designated container.

    Quick tips:

    1 fluid oz= about 29 mL
    Do not heat concentrate to more than 160 degrees. The volatile plant compounds in the hemp plant are known to degrade with high temperatures.
    To easily warm up concentrate extract: Warm a clean towel in hot water for a few minutes, remove from water and wrap the concentrate syringe in the hot towel. The contents inside should warm up enough to be pushed out of the syringe.

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