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    Hope you are enjoying this community, we are SOOO HAPPY you found your way here. This community space is meant connect people who want to learn from and educate each other in a safe and judgement-free way. The topics and conversations should be relevant to natural wellness. Please remember we are all on different stages of our “Journey to Wellness” so lets lift eachother up, vibe high and be well together.

    I am Cindi Faucher, the owner and operator of Plant Potion. I have always been interested in wellness, I received a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics in college, mostly because I was so interested in food and science excited me. I am a wife, a mom of 3 littles and a gardener. I love to cook and bake and eat. I have used cannabis recreationally since highschool but it was once I became a mom that it became a medicine for me. I needed something to give me stamina, something to give me patience, something to help me be present and playful, cannabis oil helped.

    Then one day, a few years ago my brother sent me a few mL of CBD concentrate and that’s how Plant Potion started. I immediately thought of all the possibilities that the raw concentrate could be used for. I tested recipe after recipe and formula after forumula. The math was fun, the science lessons were mind blowing. The information is so up and coming, its incredibly exciting. People wanted to try what I was doing, they were receptive of it, they needed a different option than pharmaceuticals and it WORKED FOR THEM. I am so grateful to be able to share this plant with the world!! I am excited to share my ideas and information and to learn from so many of you.

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