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    Salves are super easy and really enjoyable to make. Their uses are endless and the recipe can be tweaked to use what you have on hand. They make great gifts!
    This tutorial is for a basic salve. If you wish to make an herbal infused salve see our HERBAL SALVE recipe here.

    This recipe makes about (5) 2oz jars or 10oz of salve total, containing about 3000mg of CBD.

    Supplies needed: Digital scale, Double boiler, stainless stirring utensil, a jar or jars to store finished product.

    Ingredients needed: Beeswax (1.5 oz), Liquid Carrier Oil (6.5oz), Cocoa or Shea Butter (2oz), Essential oils (2mL, or 60 drops), Plant Potion CBD Concentrate extract (buy it HERE).

    1. In a double boiler, warm the carrier oils to 160 degrees or for 30 minutes if you don’t have a thermometer.
    Tip: For carrier oils, we like to use a combo of olive oil, sweet almond oil and MCT oil but you can use whatever you have in your natural wellness cabinet)

    2. Once warm, add the beeswax and cocoa or shea butter, warm and stir until well melted and combined.

    3. Next, grab your PLANT POTION CBD concentrate extract syringe, you need to warm it up.
    Remove the top part of your double boiler, it contains your salve base. Set it to the side for now, careful not to get any water into it.
    Now, toss a CLEAN, small towel into the boiling water to make it hot. Remove the towel and place it on a CLEAN plate.
    WITH THE TOP STILL ON, put your PLANT POTION CBD concentrate extract syringe inside of this hot towel for 3 minutes to warm it.

    4. Once the concentrate is warm, remove the top and add the desired amount to the salve base that you set aside.
    For this recipe, we decided to use 3000mg CBD total, which means we need 3.89 mL of the concentrate.
    If you want to change the strength of your salve, you can find the formula to calculate how many mL’s of concentrate you need below.

    5. Put the salve base, that now contains the CBD concentrate back onto the double boiler and warm for another 15 minutes, stirring until well combined.

    6. Remove from heat, set aside to cool slightly. If you have a thermometer, cool to 120 degrees, if you do not, cool until it is the consistency of warm, but not melted, butter.

    7. Once cooled, add your essential oils, stirring them in well.

    8. Scoop it up and out it into jars, it is now ready to use!

    FORMULA: To calculate how many milliliters of CBD extract needed:

    (total mg CBD needed) / (mg CBD per mL of concentrate) = (number of mL concentrate needed)

    Example: (based on above recipe:) 3000mg / 770mg/ml = 3.89 mL

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